The Cave

from by Leon

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All day we´ve been walking to this strangest place
Counting all our blessings to be here today
You might not have heard about the cave
We will gonna notice we´ve been here before

Leave all your worries behind
Cause this is the palce you´ll find
All my deepest fears tonight

Careful with tthe time you're gonna stay in here
Cause' everything is dangerous by the night
When this strangest place stages dreams
Dreams of death and love and of my inner soul

Demons may come back
From below the deck
This is not a place
That forgets


This the main hall of my head
See those stairs up ahead
You can hear right below
A muddy river made of gold

Now let's climb those stairs

Don't be afraid this spider is dead
Don't get too comofrtable, watch your head!
In the wall there are those paintings
All those years in the making

They'll never be finished...


This cave is not a place
That forgets

Don´t go to the door
There lies the one I loved
The cave has took her soul
From me

They took her below
Where all the memories go
All the things that passed
Are there (here)

This cave is not a place
That forgets


Now we find the courtyard
Getting here was so hard
Here we can see sky
Hear the birds that fly high

But let us not forget
We ain't out of here yet
Don't have long way to go
So we can free our souls


Those demons have these faces
Strange, familiar faces
Is it too late to notice
Those demons look like us?

We were the damned cave all the time
This cave is just ourseveles and our minds
We´ll be stuck in here all our lives
This cave is just ourselves and our minds

This place does not forget who's inside


from Intro (Spection), released May 12, 2016



all rights reserved


Leon Porto Alegre, Brazil

Um curioso experimentando.

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